Automated Gate

Wide range of models for gates span from 3m to 10m. Models available with frequent, heavy & intensive duty rating. Electromechanical actuators ensures highly maintenance free and silent operation. Provision for manual operation in case of power failure model with articulated arms for gates not perfectly vertical and /or with large pillars, underground operators are also available for ornamental gates. Built-in-anti-crushing safety. Advanced electronic control units permits/allows operation time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety and many more such operations.

  • FAAC-412
  • FAAC-413
  • FAAC-390
  • FAAC-770
  • Vertical Lock

Manual operation in case of power failure. Highly compact dimensions and extremely silent operations. Built-in anti jerk device prevents damage to the automatic system. MPS start up maximum power permits/allows operation time adjustment partial opening , automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety etc. Self test output activates one self controlled safety device before start up of any movement of the halted gate. if functionality is correct the operation is confirmed and the movement is authorized.

  • FAAC-740,741

Automatic Shutter

  • With Manual Emergency override feature and mechanical stop.
  • Easy manual adjustments of down positions.
  • Compacts size for installation in small boxes.
  • Powerful and silent motors.
  • Single connector for power supply and connection.
  • Built in control units and receiver.

Boom Barrier

  • Electromechanical barrier, 24V DC, with adjustable speed and anti-crushing safety features.
  • Galvanized steel, Painted case
  • Incorporated control units , can be removed, Making wiring and maintenance easier
  • Easy to balance: Learner adjustments of spring
  • The system will operate during a block out, by means of internally fitted rechargeable battery

Automatic Blind System

  • Suitable for windows and glass partitions.
  • Compact tubular geared motors.
  • Controlled with remote and manual Switch
  • Easy to install and Operate.

Automatic Door Opener

  • Rated Suooly Voltage-230V.
  • Rated Frequency-50Hz
  • Rated Power - 150W
  • Operating Speed 1 Wing Automatism 70cm/sec
  • Operating Speed 1 Wing Automatism 140cm/sec

Automatic Roof Opener

  • Easy Accessible and Reliable
  • The Mechanical Components all made of Galvanized Steel, Make the Operator very Strong.
  • Low Maintains Required
  • Design that Matches with any Architectural Style
  • Everlasting & User Friendly